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4 myths about email archiving

You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone
When it comes to email archiving, many businesses believe several misconceptions and as a result, don’t utilise it as a form of data backup. With emails housing many confidential documents, you need to be able to access and store them safely, protecting your intellectual property in the process. Here are a few myths about EMAIL ARCHIVING that you should know the truth about:

Myth 1: “My business isn’t big enough to need it”
Regardless of business size, email archiving is an important part of protecting your data. Email archiving has become an integral component in the IT of every company, helping prevent losses, lawsuits, and fines as well. It also saves you the time of having to trawl through your emails to find something you need. With the help of a provider like Cloudbox, you could have remote access any time, anywhere.

Myth 2: “Hosted email archiving is too expensive!”
Well in all honesty, it needn’t be. At Cloudbox, we offer an email archiving solution to suit every business’ needs. All of our packages offer 10-year unlimited archiving for your peace of mind at no extra cost to you. Now, there’s no reason not to have it!

Myth 3: “If I use an email archiving solution, I’m at risk”
Whilst some businesses believe that what they don’t store won’t hurt them, companies should always store emails in case of legal disputes or lost data. Some people also believe that email archiving opens up a threat to information being stolen, but this is simply not the case. Effective device encryption prevents this from happening, giving you peace of mind that your emails and the data contained by them, is safe at all times.

Myth 4: “My backup system is an archive, right?”
Wrong. As much as you rely on your current backup system to safely store your data, you should in theory have an additional source of protection through email archiving. That way, should anything ever go wrong, you still have access to your email data somewhere else.

Why trust Cloudbox
As specialists in cloud storage and email archiving solutions, we cover everything that your business might need from its IT. It’s why we allow our packages to be tailored to suit the needs of our clientele. For more information, visit our website today

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