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5 Reasons Why Businesses In The Finance Industry Need Compliant IT Solutions

At Cloudbox we believe that all businesses benefit from COMPLIANT IT SOLUTIONS, however, when it comes to the financial industry and the growing need for digital development, IT solutions not only become a good idea but a business necessity.

No matter your need, compliant IT solutions are there to assist in making your financial business more efficient, secure and industry competitive. Here are a few of the crucial reasons your financial business in particular needs IT solutions.

The financial industry holds immense pressure to retain sensitive data, with the promise of complete security and protection against unwarranted disclosure. In the digital age, IT solutions are a great way to ensure complete online security and protect confidentiality. DATA BACKUPS AND SPAM/MALWARE PROTECTION are just some of the many tools to protect your business’s sensitive data.

Losing important files is not something any company wishes for but it is something to be prepared for. Implementing automated data backups, easy restore functionality, and having an easy to use system for selecting which folders to save, helps your financial business ensure data is kept safe at all times.

Maintaining secure email connections between employees and clients from anywhere in the world is fast becoming essential to any business. Compliant IT solutions allow your business to grow, offering companies large mailbox capacity, shared contacts and calendars and shared mailboxes. This synchronisation of business systems and devices allows for streamlined communication and keeps your business running smoothly.

Not wasting any time on tedious scrolling can be alleviated with an advanced search functionality that allows you to search for specific email topics, dates or senders. This coupled with email backups for life ensures your financial business’s email trail is kept protected and secure.

Having the ability to share files internally and externally without running the risk of jeopardising the security of vital business information is crucial to achieving proper business communication.

IT solutions help to solve problems with file sharing where granular permission levels ensure data is kept in the right hands. Having your data be supported on multiple different devices is important to maintain proper communication between employees and clients especially in an age where devices are updated regularly.

Furthermore, implementing smart syncing ensures files are always kept up-to-date with the ability to access them online or offline. This assists in relieving any pressure on your business to depend on a network for accessing files around the world.

Remaining at the forefront of business communication and collaboration is vital in the growing digital age. With the financial industry moving online and online instant communication becoming a norm, businesses need to stay on top of their game to ensure industry competitivity.

IT solutions such as video conference ability, screen sharing, recording conferences for later use and instant message are just some of the solutions available for efficient communication.

Are you interested in IMPLEMENTING COMPLIANT IT SOLUTIONS for your financial business? Contact CLOUDBOX for your ALL-IN-ONE IT SOLUTION today!

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