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Apple’s IOS 9.1 gives you the finger

My general rule with new software releases is to wait until the ‘point 1’ version before upgrading, so when my iPhone prompted me this morning to upgrade to iOS 9.1 I hit OK.Below are 5 new features I’ve noticed so far:

New task switcher. I use the double-tap on the home button on my phone all the time to switch between active apps, so this was one of the first things I noticed. The task switcher is now a 3D carousel. It feels a bit slicker, but nothing major here.

Battery options, and apparently improved battery life. Apple say that efficiency improvements iOS_Batteryin the new OS will give up to one hour of additional battery live (that’s enough of a reason to upgrade right there!). There’s a new ‘Battery’ section under Settings which allows you to enable a percentage on the battery icon, and also lets you see what apps are using what percentage of your battery at the moment (tip – killing facebook will save you nearly 30%!). There is also a new low power mode that will kick in when your battery reaches 10%, and a couple of clever things like the screen turning off if your phone is placed face down on a table.

Apple Music is now bedded into the operating system. Personally I’ve been a Spotify user for years so havn’t tried Apple music yet, but the pricing of Apple music and the fact that it’s actually available in South Africa make it extremely compelling, and I’ll be trying it out soon. If you don’t know yet, Apple Music is their streaming subscription service – unlimited access to the entire Apple music library for as little as R59.99/mo, or R89.99/mo for your whole family

A new back button. If you launch an app from another app, like opening a website link from an email you’ll see a handy ‘Back’ button on the top left of the screen to take you back to the mail app.

There’s a whole new emoji pack with loads of new icons & images, including well, the finger. In 6 different skin tones.

The size of the new update will vary depending on the current state of your own device. Mine was nearly 900mb, so you’ll need both space on your phone and preferably uncapped wifi to download and install it.

Oh – and all our CLOUDBOX functionality works just fine on 9.1

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