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Cloud Migration – not for the faint-hearted

COVID-19 has pushed many to cloud migration … but know what you’re getting into before you spread your wings into the skies.

We are more online now than ever before! We are Zooming – We are Skyping – We are GoogleChatting – We are WhatsApp Videoing! But, are we aware of all the traffic and risks that can befall us if we are not careful.
Zoom had to (in a quick New York minute) upgrade their platform to accommodate the influx of users since COVID-19 was declared a global epidemic.

At Cloudbox, we carry out all projects to keep disruption to an absolute minimum. With this in mind, we have a 6 step process that we follow with regular client communications to ensure everyone is fully up to speed with the process. The 6 phases are as follows:

1. Discovery: We install software to carry out an audit of all devices on the network and to access your readiness for Cloudbox. Updates and upgrades are applied where necessary to ensure you adhere to minimum specifications to.
2. Backend Setup: We configure all backend systems and platforms.
3. Data Migration: Synchronisation of all file and email data onto the Cloudbox platform.
4. End-User/Device Configuration: Setup of all end-user devices (laptops, PCs, and mobile devices) with all Cloudbox components.
5. Cutover: Email and file cutover dates are pre-scheduled with our clients to ensure minimum disruption. This stage ensures we set up all email and files on users laptops/PCs and mobile devices.
6. Wrap and Support: Sign-off and handover to the IT humans for ongoing support.

Lead Time:
3-4 weeks depending on the data source and internet speed/reliability.

To ensure your business gets the most out of the new systems and features available to you, we take all users though our custom-built video-led training series. This covers all of the basics to get you working quickly and includes loads of tips and tricks to improve your productivity to take your business to the next level
Planning cloud migration is not an easy task, so why not rather partner with migration specialists to ensure you’re covering all your bases and meeting every benchmark.
Contact CLOUDBOX to enquire about our migration services.
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