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Cloudbox vs Dropbox

It’s no surprise why Dropbox is a popular file storage and file sharing solution – It’s efficient and simple to use. But if you’re a business owner who’s looking for more than just a file sharing tool and are dealing with sensitive information that needs to be backed up and shared securely, you’ll find yourself limited by Dropbox’s capabilities.

With a starting monthly fee of $15USD per user with a minimum requirement of five users, Dropbox for Business guarantees that you will be spending no less than $900USD per year. Why not spend that on an all-inclusive solution that offers better file sharing capabilities, and also covers a host of other services?

With its all-in-one offering, here’s what you get with Cloudbox:

With cloud services like Dropbox, you have no control over who is sharing files and who has access to shared files. So if sensitive data is leaked or lost, you can’t trace where it’s gone. To combat this, Cloudbox includes automatic backups and data encryption, ensuring that your company data is safe wherever it may be. If laptops are stolen, it would take a matter of minutes to wipe all data from the laptop with Cloudbox’s ‘Mobile Control, Locate and Wipe’ feature.

Also, if you have ever tried to speak to a support consultant at Dropbox, Google or Microsoft, you’ll appreciate the value of having a local provider who is a phone call away and can provide onsite assistance. At Cloudbox, you have the option of unlimited IT support.

So if you’re looking for a more complete and affordable cloud platform where you and your staff can co-ordinate meetings across offices and devices, integrate e-mail, and collaborate using one seamless portal without the risk, Cloudbox is the solution for you. Call 021 2011 350 or e-mail [email protected] for more information.

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