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Cyber criminals are everywhere!

Cybercriminals are everywhere
During the pandemic, COVID-19 scams have been rife, and cybercriminals are everywhere. There has been a surge in malware, phishing, and ransomware scams of late – with online attacks taking the lead.
Apparently, with the worldwide move to working from home, fraudsters have made a switch from email attacks to focusing on ransomware. Cybercriminals seem to be scanning the internet looking for vulnerable and exposed servers.

Top 3 precautions to avoid cyber criminals breaking through
Your company needs to take extra precautions against fraudsters during this time. Make sure to focus on:

• Dual authorisations for payment;
• Carefully validate new beneficiaries;
• Regularly check that there is no malware loaded on your IT platforms;
• Provide your employees with IT security on their personal devices.

Protect your reputation
Reputational damage is a significant consequence of cybercriminal attacks. It’s critical to protect your customers’ sensitive information if you want to avoid a crisis. Businesses need to guard their confidential information, especially now when employees are taking it home or are working out in co-working spaces. For example, other people in the room can witness Zoom calls, and they may not keep sensitive information private. Devices, too, are being shared by parents and children, and employees may not know that there has been a breach of company information.
We’ve seen that as people and businesses try to adapt to the ‘new normal’ the threat landscape changes too. It’s essential to stay informed and aware of the type of fraud that cybercriminals are enacting.
Research shows that the vast majority of internet users are unaware of how to check for leaks of their information. It’s time to protect your employees and their devices from fraudsters.
If you don’t know where to start with your company’s cybersecurity, speak to us at Cloudbox, we have the solution.
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