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Dropbox vs Cloudbox: 2018 Update

Back in 2016 we wrote a BLOG POST comparing Dropbox with Cloudbox. It’s still our most clicked link and one of our highest ranking google search pages.

What this really indicates is how ubiquitous Dropbox has become in our language. It’s a little bit like Hoover being the defacto name for a vacuum cleaner. Everyone knows what Dropbox is, and what it does. This also however highlights the fact that Dropbox has always been, and is, primarily a consumer service. As much as they have improved their business offering, they simply cannot compete on a like for like basis with the major eFSS (enterprise file sync and share) solutions.

But don’t get me wrong – we love the fact that everyone understands Dropbox, we use it as a tool in sales meetings to explain the file sharing feature in Cloudbox. “It works like Dropbox, but with a whole load of administrative control, security, and business features built in”. Easy right?

That really highlights the key difference between Cloudbox and Dropbox. For Dropbox, file sharing and storage is the whole product. For Cloudbox, that’s one of many features. At £15/month on Dropbox you get the advanced version that does, well, file sharing and storage.

Cloudbox also provides business grade file sharing and storage. And email. And shared calendars. And backups. And 10 year email backup and archiving. And enhanced email security. And Office Online apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook). And shared tasks. And awesome team collaboration tools. And proactive network management ensuring your devices are all up to date and secure. Oh, and how about unlimited support and all changes….all for £49 per user!

Go on, give us a call.

(that’s 020-3761 8080, or [email protected])


Dropbox Adv. Cloudbox
Price per user per month £15 £49
Easy and secure file sharing Yes Yes
50GB Mailbox No Yes
Shared Calendars No Yes
Computer Backup No Yes
10 year email archiving No Yes
Team Collaboration, video and chat No Yes
Multi-layer email protection No Yes
Shared task lists No Yes
Cyber security suite No Yes
Office Online Apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook) No Yes
Network monitoring & unlimited support No Yes
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