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Five Reasons To Backup Your Data Before Going On Holiday

Finally December! With year-end parties on the go, talk of holiday plans in full swing and general productivity in decline, there are a few things that need taking care of before you lock up for that well-deserved break. The most important of all? Your company data.

Data loss due to theft, corruption and deletion doesn’t just ruin holidays, it cripples businesses around the world on a daily basis. In fact, 20 megabytes of accounting data takes 21 days and roughly R300k to reproduce.

Among companies who lose data in a disaster, 50% never re-open and 90% are out of business within two years.

The statistics are scary. This is why our team of IT Humans have put together five reasons to backup before going on December holidays:

1. Deleting files accidentally
We’ve all been there. You drag the wrong folder into trash or you save over a really important document and have no way of restoring it. If you’re travelling with your laptop this December, chances are family or friends will want to browse the internet, watch a movie or quickly burst a festive email to someone. Keep your files backed up and safe.

2. Viruses
The most dangerous virus attacks are those targeted to steal or damage business data. No company can afford to lose their client database, financial data or company IP. While you’re on holiday, your office remains on the internet and must be protected against web viruses – but don’t forget those that hide on flash disks and external drives.

3. Damaged hard drives
The computer’s hard drive is its most fragile part and they also break down more often than any other part. A bump or action that causes the hard drive to crash could end up costing your company a lot. That is, if the data is even recoverable. Data recovery of a 1-terabyte drive will put your business back in the region of R10 000.

4. Load shedding and power surges
Who knows? You might be catching a few rays on the beach when Eskom decides to suddenly implement the next load shedding schedule. This is bad news if you don’t have an IT team on-call. PCs, laptops and servers that don’t go through the proper shutdown procedure may experience problems when rebooting the operating system later. Operating system problems cause chain reactions and your data might not be accessible anymore.

5. Theft
Let’s face it. It’s December and we might not be as vigilant about where we leave our electronics or how well we lock them away. Think about how many years you’ve had your electronic devices. Can you afford losing all those years’ data?

Data backup and security is important all-year round. If you’re lucky enough to be a CLOUDBOX client already, you can rest assured that your data is safe with our secure online backups and that all your devices are security encrypted and virus protected.

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