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Is Spending On Cloud Computing Really On The Rise For SMEs?

Through technologic features such as cloud computing, businesses have been able to function more efficiently than before. Cloud computing has had a massive impact in small to medium-sized companies.

Cloud-based services allow SME’s the opportunity to afford services that were previously only economically viable for larger corporations at much cheaper rates.

The rise of cloud computing has attracted a large pool of businesses which has resulted in companies increasing their spending on cloud computing as they are reaping the benefits of this internet based feature.

Cloud services are a global phenomenon, attracting both small and large businesses. Many organisations make extensive use of cloud computing or are planning to restructure their budgets to allocate a more significant percentage to cloud computing.

Cloud adoption amongst SMEs, however, has a different set of stats, a report by Xero indicates that some SMEs are using cloud services and are reaping the benefits. A whopping 56% of SMEs that took part in the survey are still not making use of cloud computing.

Over 40% of the surveyed SMEs have also not made any provision for cloud services in their business plans for the next year. According to the report, the reason for this is because these businesses are unaware of the benefits that come with the adoption of cloud computing.

Cloud-based services have many benefits and are exceptionally crucial to SMEs. Every pound spent in small business counts and maximising all outputs is essential, which makes cloud services an ideal option as it offers significant cost-saving benefits and also allows small business to operate effectively and reach their objectives efficiently.

In the above mentioned Xero’s report it is stated that SMEs that do make use of cloud-based services experienced improved efficiency, while more than a third said that the cloud computing improved their business continuity.

Small to medium enterprises typically handle and store a lot of client information, however many still rely on traditional storage methods like keeping data on one’s computer, a flash or external hard drive, or on a server.

Small businesses are also at risk of data loss, whether due to malware or due to human error – it’s imperative that these businesses realise the importance of their data and the consequences of losing it.

These facts show that the adoption and spending on cloud computing amongst SMEs are on a steady rise for businesses that understand the benefits of cloud services.

On the other hand, a considerable portion of SME’s are still unaware of the benefits which are slowing down their adoption of cloud-based services resulting in them losing competitiveness against their industry peers. To find out more about how cloud computing could improve your business – GET IN TOUCH WITH US TODAY!

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