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Making data backup a priority for your small business

Data loss due to theft, corruption and deletion cripples businesses around the world on a daily basis. Among companies who lose data in a disaster, 50% never re-open and 90% are out of business within two years.

Often times, small business owners don’t realise the importance of backing up their data until a disaster occurs. If you have ever lost important files that you could not recover, it is safe to say that you would avoid this massive setback at all costs.

Because of the stringent compliance requirements that cloud solution providers operate under, higher security measures must be adhered to in order to keep valuable client information protected. When it comes to the process, maintenance, and provider, here’s what you need to know before selecting the right solution for your company’s data backups:

Bear in mind that when you’re choosing someone to facilitate your data backup, it needs to be a provider who offers more than just a competitive rate. The saying, “you get what you pay for” really does apply here. In today’s realm of cloud services, there are many providers to choose from, but not a lot who actually give you the customer service you need to assist your business run a lot smoother. Your provider should facilitate and maintain your cloud storage so that it’s one less thing for you to worry about. You should also pick a provider who offers a selection of packages so that you aren’t forced to choose one that doesn’t cater to your specific business needs.

If you’ve selected a provider who offers you flexible packages that you can customise to meet your data storage needs, then you have chosen well. If you feel like your current package isn’t quite hitting the mark, perhaps you should look into changing (upgrading or downgrading) your package or even looking for a new provider. At Cloudbox, we offer flexible and affordable storage options. We also facilitate everything in-house.


From multi-layered anti-virus to cutting edge data encryption, Cloudbox will ensure that your company data is fully secure and backed up, and easily recoverable in a disaster.

  • Backup and restore in the event that a PC/laptop crashes.
  • Backup any other files and documents on your Desktop or My Documents etc.
  • Backup and restore any separate data running on various apps such as QuickBooks, Pastel etc.
  • Uses very little bandwidth due to compression and deduplication technologies.

Cloudbox is fast to deploy with unlimited expansion capacity. From everyday support, to network monitoring and management, the dedicated team of IT Humans at Cloudbox has you covered. Call 021 201 1351 for more information.

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