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Microsoft 365 works for your team

With team members currently spread locally across cities as many employees are still working from home, businesses see the need to collaborate online. Not all companies find this easy to get their head around, and staff struggle as a result. Enter Microsoft 365!

The Microsoft 365 platform, designed as a universal toolkit, can help team members collaborate in an integrated and flexible way on many different tasks and projects.

How Microsoft 365 works
Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive are platforms included in the Microsoft 365 Business packages – and these include document storage, collaboration, sharing, and conversations. These platforms all work together to provide productive results. Here’s a little more information about each of the platforms:

One of the best features of using Teams is that you can access files vital to your operations in real-time, right when you are chatting about them. When you share these documents in Teams, they are stored in SharePoint, and your team owns them together. You can also chat in Teams, through a threaded chat or privately. Teams also allows video conference functionality and includes a webinar feature as well. Teams can also be public or private.

SharePoint is perfect for storing files in the cloud and making them accessible to a broad audience. You can spread ownership and permissions across the Teams collection of employees.

You can think of OneDrive as a cloud version of your ‘My Documents’ folder. Your personal files or the documents that only you are working on are securely stored in OneDrive. And having them here makes it easy for you to share them when you need to, where you can easily post a file from OneDrive to a Teams channel for review.

So, if you have an organisation that has employees spread across the globe or your city, ensure they have access to Microsoft 365 Business. It’s an integrated platform that is going to help your company’s teams collaborate online effectively. It’s your best bet!

If you don’t find this simple but somewhat overwhelming and complicated, give CLOUDBOX a call to find out how to set up your teams in Microsoft 365.

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