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New affordable support model disrupts IT market

Like in many other industries, traditional business methods are being replaced by new innovative models. Cloudbox is now shaking up the IT industry by introducing the first affordable unlimited IT support service in Africa.

A more inter-connected world is driving changes in the way that IT support and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are being structured. New models are changing the way in which companies procure IT support and disruptive technologies like CLOUDBOX are impacting the way businesses choose between the many service options.

More importantly, these new disruptive technologies allow them to provide ‘all inclusive’ support contracts and SLAs at a low monthly fixed fee.

CLOUDBOX CTO Oliver Potgieter says there is no reason why one cannot follow a cloud services model for IT support. “We offer a low-cost fixed fee per-user model. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort building support efficiency into our CLOUDBOX solution and our IT Human team, which has allowed us to create a unique offer for IT Support at a price point that is unheard of in the industry.”

The adoption of cloud-based services is primarily driven by the need for flexibility, financial benefits and the ability to adopt new technology quickly. Unlimited support contracts protect business owners and IT suppliers from disappointment and missed expectations.

CLOUDBOX is a well-designed and widely accepted ‘All-in-One’ IT solution in a box. It is a cloud-based all-inclusive IT offering specifically designed for SMEs that are looking to up their IT game. It offers affordable installation, maintenance and support costs payable at a fixed rate per month, giving small business owners the freedom to focus on their business instead of worrying about IT issues.

He says in the IT services space, traditional SLAs and support contracts normally only include remote support, but exclude change requests and onsite support. “Our all-inclusive R225 per month support offering includes onsite and remote support, change requests and all new user and device configurations.”

CLOUDBOX incorporates email, email backups, file sharing, computer backups, antivirus and communication into one simple package to take the complexity out of IT. The solution balances compliance and control with usability and functionality and ensures that your software is standardised throughout your company.

“Small businesses especially struggle with budgeting for IT services and one unexpected month of typical ad-hoc support costs could have an adverse effect on cash flow. CLOUDBOX unlimited support gives the responsible small business owner complete control over their IT spend on a month-to-month basis,” he explains.

With CLOUDBOX, IT resources and applications are managed offsite in the cloud, so customers only pay for the services they actually need. With no unexpected costs, budgets can be projected more accurately and with only one set of licences to manage, customers have the flexibility to scale up or down as they require.

“IT leaders can protect their business interests by seeking vendors with sound business models and methodologies. Small businesses that don’t invest in the right technology will struggle to remain competitive, that is why it is essential that they adopt a cloud strategy immediately,” he concludes.


More about Cloudbox (WWW.CLOUDBOX.CO.ZA)

Cloudbox is a leading IT Managed Services provider, it leverages the cloud to help customers become more agile, productive and secure.

We design solutions with a ‘Cloud first’ mind set whereby productivity and security will never be compromised. We thrive on helping you achieve the competitive edge through technology.

Cloudbox is a tightknit team who understands that IT is essential to running your business so they created Cloudbox, a solution that is easy to understand and simple to use. It was designed for SME’s looking to simplify their IT and incorporates all essential IT services.

Cloudbox is the culmination of our combined 30+ years’ experience in providing leading IT cloud solutions for small businesses all over the world. Everything we have learnt is distilled into one product that covers everything a small business needs from their IT.

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Company: IT Public Relations
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Company: Cloudbox
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