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Our Cyber Incident Response

Cyber attacks are real. Some are small and will minimally impact your business operations while others can be devastating. Your IT department needs to create an incident response policy to deal with any threats promptly.

Here at Cloudbox, we design our solutions using the principles of Zero Trust security to minimise threats, but you can never say never and we help our clients design incident plans along the following lines:

Who is involved?
All staff members are required to report actual or suspected security incidents to the Cloudbox Helpdesk. The helpdesk will then assess the initial scope of a security incident and then assemble an Incident Response Team and appoint an Incident Manager (IM). The IM will lead the response to the incident, coordinating the work of log collection, evidence preservation, and analyse activities.

Security threat levels
The response will be addressed based on the severity of the incident. We take into account factors such as the sensitivity of the data involved, the number of end-users impacted, and the overall impact on the ability of the business to operate.
High – when the incident impacts systems critical to the business’s ability to function normally; when there is a threat of financial risk or legal liability; when there is a threat of financial or investor data exposure; if terrorist threats on human life or property are involved.
Medium – when a significant number of systems or people are threatened or impacted by cyber attacks but the business can still function; when the systems affected contain only non-critical or non-personal data.
Low – when the impact on people or systems is small; when systems impacted contain only non-sensitive or public data; when there is little to no risk of the incident spreading or impacting other networks or businesses.
The Cloudbox team can help clients improve their incident response programs and procedures. We will work alongside your IT staff to optimise processes and minimise the likelihood of similar incidents occurring again or larger cyber attacks.
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