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Protecting your business through Email Vigilance

Hackers love email and emailers!

It is the easiest way for them to sneak into your life and wreak havoc.

So, here are ways to protect yourself through email vigilance:

1. Super Strong Passwords
Passwords should be a minimum of 12 characters in length. How do you create and remember them? Either use a password manager application or make up a memorable phrase but do mix letters, numbers, symbols and upper/lower case for maximum security.

2. Complicated Email Address
While not great for senders, complicated email addresses are better for security. Your typical [email protected] is too easy for hackers to find and intercept. Consider adding surnames and even departments – [email protected]

3. Install Antivirus Software
You may think that this is an obvious one, but often people just forget, thinking that somehow, someway, their data is protected by some invisible protection shield. It really comes down to ignorance and we understand it can be confusing. Ensure you have a strong and impenetrable antivirus software installed on all devices and keep it up to date!

4. React Quickly
Should you be suspicious, even a little bit, contact your IT guys and inform them of a possible hack, especially if you have already clicked on a dodgy link. Data can be protected still if you react quickly.

5. Don’t Open That!
If you receive an odd email, lean on the side of caution and rather don’t open it. It is best to inform your IT company and let them advise if it’s safe or not. It is a surefire way of getting to your personal data through scam emails.

If you’re in doubt as to whether your email habits or setup is safe, reach out to Cloudbox today.

We have the solution!

GET IN TOUCH TODAY with CLOUDBOX and let’s see how we can help you grow healthily.

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