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Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud – which one?

If you haven’t moved to the cloud yet within your enterprise, now is the time to do it. But, should you go the public cloud or private cloud route? And, what is the difference?

The Difference between Private Cloud and Public Cloud Services
The main difference between the two is that with a public cloud service provider, you don’t need to be worried about or need to manage the hosting side of the cloud. With a private cloud service, you will need to expend time, money and energy looking after the infrastructure.

Reasons why public cloud is better than private cloud

Newer and updated tech
Private cloud providers tend to rely on an older legacy-style tech backing. This can cause endless problems. While private providers are constantly upgrading to ensure the tech keeps up with the user

Better rates
With a public cloud supplier, you will find the rates are much more cost-effective. As you are generally subscribed to a “pay as you need” style contract, which helps to keep the costs down

Private cloud services are fixed into a certain format and “box” and to change means changing the entire way of doing things. These can be costly. With public cloud, you have the advantage of scaling easily because the system has been built to accommodate growth

Lower risk of cyber attacks
Private cloud providers are constantly harangued by cyber-attacks and rehabilitation can cost thousands. Public cloud suppliers have built-in hack firewalls and realise that all their client’s important data needs to be protected at all times

Portable – Remote
A private cloud hosting system allows you and your staff to link in from anywhere in the world, always being accessible and not ever having to worry about downtime or the inability to draw files and data

Tech-savvy help when you need it
With a private set up, you need to worry about whether your staff have the know-how and are upscaling their skills constantly to look after your system. With a public provider, you can be assured that this is what they do and are fully equipped and tech-savvy enough to handle all issues

If you’re struggling to come to terms with moving to the cloud or are not sure which way to go, reach out today and let’s have this important discussion.

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