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Remote Working Made Easy

Remote working solutions to keep your team working securely and productively

All of Cloudbox’s solutions natively support remote working. Our tools will allow you to co-create, communicate, share documents and manage your team wherever they may be. All whilst ensuring the integrity and security of company data.

Communicate & collaborate
Microsoft Teams provides a single application. This for video, chat, voice, screen sharing, whiteboards, shared tasks and more, accessible from any device. We include MS Teams as standard and will set you up and provide training. Then you can efficiently collaborate with colleagues and 3rd parties.

Desktop in the cloud
Our Azure Virtual Desktop solution provides scalable and cost-effective remote desktop working. Your staff can work anywhere on any device, including home computers. All the while ensuring your business retains control of security and data.

Share files securely
The Cloudbox File Sharing solution provides secure access to your company files anywhere and from any device including off-line. It provides highly granular permissions and reporting for you to manage data confidentiality, whilst also providing automatic back-ups.

Office 365
Office 365 can be accessed online and downloaded to up to five devices per user for productive working on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access & Outlook. With Cloudbox, you can even collaborate in real-time on documents with your colleagues.

Security everywhere
Traditional firewalls provide little protection for remote working. Cloudbox uses multi-level AI-driven security to encrypt, monitor & report on your company devices and data. This wherever they may be, protecting you from cybercrime, data theft & GDPR breaches and we even include ransomware protection as standard.

Your company portal
The Cloudbox Hub provides a single online portal for all your business applications, IT support, processes, reporting and training. Provides unified information to all and helps you implement secure, robust working practices to all users wherever they are.

Cloud-Based Phones
Take your office phone with you on your laptop, tablet and mobile with Teams Phone System. This provides a single global phone system with superb functionality including conferencing, automated call routing, call recording and unbeatable call quality.

Secure public WIFI
For secure use of open public and home WIFI and for anonymous research and access to websites worldwide. Cloudbox does this by providing a personal VPN.

We deliver onboarding & ongoing training as standard. We do this using innovative video journeys to help ensure that all remote users can make the most of their technology and stay secure.

Innovative support
Cloudbox provides comprehensive remote support to clients worldwide using video & augmented reality apps. With proactive maintenance and monthly reporting, you can be sure that your devices are secure and up to date.

Remote onboarding
With 150 client remote migrations completed we have extensive experience of remotely setting up all user. And, migrating email and files fast and with minimal downtime.

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