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ROGER365: The Benefits of Omni-Channel Integration

Man using a tablet empowered with Roger365 integration

On their journey to digitalisation, many businesses have recently moved to Microsoft Teams and use it as their internal collaboration and communications platform. However, with ROGER365, Teams can now become your central communications hub. Not just internally but when connecting with customers as well.

In today’s digitally-advanced and fast-paced society, customers usually reach out to you with urgency and expect your responses to be the same. They decide how and when they want to reach out. And even though some may still follow the traditional approach of phone or email, many prefer more ‘instant’ forms of communication. For instance WhatsApp, web chat, Facebook, Twitter or SMS. The fact of the matter is that customers expect communication to be easy, fast and accessible.

They demand outstanding client service, and they want it now. They do not want you to transfer them to several agents or repeat the same question. And, they expect you to know their order status or personal details since they already shared it with you.

This makes it imperative for businesses to keep up and be available to customers via all the channels mentioned above.

So, what’s the solution? Easy… Omnichannel integration with ROGER365

ROGER365 centralises all these communication channels into Microsoft Teams, transforming them into an omnichannel contact centre.

From a business perspective, it now no longer matters how customers reach out to you. ROGER365 centralises all communication into Microsoft Teams and seamlessly integrates with your CRM or ticketing system. Consequently you can provide fast customer care with the correct information at the right time, improving service excellence.

Also, your customer is no longer an anonymous caller or person on webchat. Communication can now become personalised, as the integration through ROGER365 gives you access to customer data such as purchase history, previous contacts, credit status and more. This furher allows agents to respond accurately and in the best possible way to a customer’s query. On the whole, this not only improves customer engagement but, in turn, personnel efficiency.

This seamless integration of channels such as WhatsApp into Microsoft Teams also avoids the need to install and maintain additional software. Users keep using the familiar Teams while integrating Microsoft365 User and Security Management dramatically reduces administration.

ROGER365 not only benefits customers but will also help you optimise your business processes. When integrating communication into your business processes, you can be more efficient, adding more value to products and services to clients.

When making data-driven decisions, your business can be more successful. ROGER365 not only helps automate workflows, but customer contact can also automatically trigger other processes. ROGER365 enables you to extract all relevant communication data and use them in your reporting tools.

Boost your organisation’s productivity, integrate workflows and robotic process automation (RPA) to perform repeating tasks. By automating time-consuming manual tasks with built-in AI capabilities like Power Automate and PowerBI, your business can manage customer expectations and enable you to respond and act when needed automatically. By enabling chatbot technology, ROGER365 reduces unnecessary conversations, allowing agents to focus on more valuable work.

Limit operation proprietary risk with ROGER365

When streamlining everything with ROGER365, there is no need for other potentially shadow IT solutions, as everything is centralised in Microsoft Teams. This means that the rights, permissions and structures you have in place for Teams stay in place for all communications. With ROGER365, there is no additional user management or application to be managed or maintained. Thus ensuring that the already configured role-based access to data ensures need-to-know security and supports your compliance strategy.

Having all your customer and business data accessible through a single unified interface is not only essential to world-class client service, but it also helps your business keep track of what is happening with customer data, key for data protection regulations such as GDPR & POPIA.

Furthermore, ROGER365 uses role-based access restrictions to ensure that sensitive data is available only to appropriate personnel while fulfilling a specific role.

Based on Microsoft Azure’s serverless architecture principles, ROGER365 is scalable, secure, future-proof and flexible by design. ROGER365 only uses Microsoft industry-standard technology and uses Microsoft APIs for seamless integration. Each customer has its own database and channel, and the platform does not store communication data. All communications are transferred directly from WhatsApp to Microsoft Teams and vice versa. The only data stored (temporarily) is the customer’s WhatsApp number, and Roger365 uses this data to reply to WhatsApp messages. What’s more, it will anonymise the information 24 hours after the communication window closes.

In Summary

Consider all the benefits omnichannel integration brings to your organisation:

  • Saves time
  • Saves costs
  • All in one platform
  • No need to install any more applications
  • All customer information available with the CRM integration
  • Easy to use for both the customer and your agents

Isn’t it time for your business to get ROGER365?

Contact [email protected] today.

We are highly experienced at implementing ROGER365 for organisations of all sizes, together with further integrating and automating business processes to improve efficiency.

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