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Chatguard: WhatsApp Recording and Archiving

Enabling use on personal and corporate devices
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Now You Can Use ChatGuard to record and archive WhatsApp on corporate and personal devices

ChatGuard allows WhatsApp communications to be recorded on both BYOD and corporate devices. ChatGuard records WhatsApp business communications with employee consent, meeting regulatory requirements from GDPR to MiFID II, with just 90 seconds of onboarding. Real-time alerts of confidential data leaks, insider trading and IP theft, available via SMS, photo and video using ImageGuard™.

ChatGuard’s Architectural Tributes

AI Engine

AI engine processes image, video and text to determine potential data leaks.

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Regulation Compliance

ChatGuard updates as regulatory standards evolve.

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Single Platform

One platform enables archiving and monitoring across employee and client chat channels.

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Privacy First

ChatGuard was designed with employee and client privacy in mind and is fully compliant with GDPR standards.

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The Features of ChatGuard

Chat Archive

ChatGuard records and archives conversations across encrypted social media channels including WhatsApp, WeChat and LinkedIn.

One Number

ChatGuard is the only solution that allows employees to retain their own number while being recorded.


ChatGuard only archives work messages. Employees can select chats to record on their personal devices.


ChatGuard sends real-time alerts to the organisation if messages are identified to have risks.

ChatGuard is completely configurable and includes the following additional benefits:

  • Device Control – ChatGuard allows the ability to split work and personal chats to record work related chats on personal devices only
  • Recording – ChatGuard allows multiple options for recording including single employee or group conversations with conversants being notified of the recording
  • Onboarding – Onboarding ChatGuard is fast and efficient and takes 90 seconds to set up without the need of downloading an application
  • Encryption – Customised encryption options to ensure confidentiality of recorded conversations
  • Compliance – ChatGuard offers compliance with regulatory recording standards and is recognised by MiFID II, FINRA, FCA, NIST and the US Securities & Exchange Commission

For more information about ChatGuard, ImageGuard and other security features, contact the Cloudbox sales team today.

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