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Cloudbox Financial

Financial IT solution for peace-of-mind compliance. Cloudbox Financial is a highly secure public cloud solution designed for the technical, regulatory and compliance needs of asset managers and hedge funds.

This includes Backup of all Sharepoint, One Drive, Microsoft Teams and Email. No Data Limits. Restore site, document library, folder, files. Ransomware Protection.
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Cloudbox Financial IT Solution provides comprehensive policies, processes and training to help you meet general and market specific regulations including MiFID II & GDPR.

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Constant Security Scanning

Constant Security monitoring and analysis of all the activity on your network is carried out 24/7 so you can rest assured that your data and network are safely protected and proactively monitored from external and internal threats.

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

All solutions are designed to eliminate any single points of failure and allow business to continue from any location at any time. No complex disaster recovery planning required, it’s already built in.

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Training & Security

Boost staff productivity, compliance and security with our selfpaced training programme to help onboard new staff members, refresh knowledge, test security and improve results.

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Designed by Financial Service Professionals

Benefit from our 40 years experience in developing systems for the unique demands of financial service professionals. Find the right Financial IT Solution for your business.

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Comprehensive Application Suite

Extensive range of applications for flexible, productive & secure working. This includes unlimited email and archiving, file sharing, back-up, multilayer security & tools to improve your productivity and compliance whilst allowing you to work securely from anywhere.

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Managed Network

High performance, resilient network including super-fast Internet with automatic failover, secure wifi and business phones.

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Remarkable Service & Support

Exceptional 24/7 support from highly skilled, personable engineers. Truly unlimited service to ensure that you can budget for IT with certainty about cost and service.

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CTO Services

Regular strategic consulting, board reporting & performance review services along with in-depth, informative reporting.

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100% Public Cloud

Our IT Network support ensures active monitoring, alerting you before an issue arises. Our support team will ensure you get informed before you run out of space or run low on memory. The alerting works from almost any type of device and status.

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Work Anywhere

Secure remote working with single portal for all apps, support, policies, training, knowledgebase & reporting.

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Microsoft Teams Phone System

Keep your exiting phone number

  • Auto attendants to route calls effectively
  • Call recording for compliance & training
  • Use a physical handset, headset connected to PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Use a single international phone system wherever your offices or staff are based.
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