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Now You Can Integrate WhatsApp with Microsoft Teams using ROGER 365

Integrate WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS and other Social Platforms with Microsoft Teams.
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Now You Can Use WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams Together

Integrate WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS and other Social Platforms with Microsoft Teams. Not only are all communications handled within the Microsoft Teams client, but you also gain all of the benefits that Microsoft Teams has to offer. Multiple agents can respond or collaborate on one or more WhatsApp messages simultaneously, for example, without the need for additional user management or administration.

Integrate WhatsApp with Microsoft Teams and Get More Done

Streamline chats with Chatbot technology

Received WhatsApp messages are routed to a Microsoft Teams channel. It is also possible to intelligently route incoming messages to the most appropriate channel, such as support questions to “Help Desk” and sales questions to “Sales Support”. This routing is typically achieved through the use of the ROGER365 chatbot technology.

Integrate WhatsApp With Microsoft Teams

Assign Users

Depending on the Microsoft Teams channel configuration, all members of the channel get Microsoft Teams alerts and can begin replying to messages immediately. Depending on the message handling configuration, a chatbot can process the message or it can be assigned to one or more employees.


Another benefit of the ROGER365 integration is that you can tag teams and specific agents under a conversation. For example, in the case of a sales-related question, just tag the sales team to prompt them for an answer. If it’s a technical-related question, you can tag someone in support that you know has that specific information.

With ROGER365, it is possible to assign and reassign incoming messages to specific personnel. This occurs completely within Microsoft Teams and is transparent to the customer.

Integrate WhatsApp With Microsoft Teams


You can use the wallboard feature to manage conversations within your company, display active conversations, show response times, and “jump” immediately into an active conversation when required.

CRM Integration and application integration

When opening a message, you will see a contact card and a sentiment meter for the current conversation. The information shown on the contact card is read directly from your CRM system. You can look into the customer’s purchase history, previous contacts, credit status, etc. All of this information is available to help the employee respond to queries as quickly as possible.

ROGER365 has connectors for Microsoft Dynamics, Topdesk, Zoho and Hubspot and also has the ability to use API or webhooks into just about any other application.

Integrate WhatsApp With Microsoft Teams

Sharing documents, images, videos and voice memo’s

All is possible! There’s a lot more that integration with Microsoft Teams has to offer. The standard sharing of photos, videos, contacts, documents, and location are all supported. You can even use emojis!

Communication Consolidation in Microsoft Teams

ROGER365 centralises all communications regardless of their point of origin. Whether it’s web based chatbot, mobile text message, WhatsApp or through social media feeds such as Twitter and Facebook, all interactions are qualified, logged and managed through the familiar Microsoft Teams interface.

Integrate WhatsApp With Microsoft Teams

How ROGER365 is Changing the Way We Work Together

ROGER365 is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that connects both worlds by integrating the WhatsApp for Business platform (or other chat-based platforms) with Microsoft Teams. ROGER365 does not require any additional user management as this is already handled by Microsoft Azure AD. Depending on the flow you’ve designed, WhatsApp messages are typically routed to Microsoft Teams channels. Members of these channels have access to the conversations and can respond using their own Microsoft Teams client. ROGER365 translates the messages back into WhatsApp and the communication moves forward.

Seamlessly Integrate WhatsApp with Microsoft Teams

Chat-based platforms such as WhatsApp are the solution to stay in contact with a large number of people because they are fast, accessible, easy, and convenient.

By integrating WhatsApp into your Microsoft Teams environment, you not only centralise all communications into Microsoft Teams but also overcome several IT and business challenges including centralised user/security management, regulatory compliance, and the complexity of multiple tools for different communication channels (silo IT or shadow IT).

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Security and Compliance

Supports you with compliance and regulations

Security Policies: Inherits all of your Microsoft 365 security policies with native integration into Microsoft Teams. You do not have to worry that users will suddenly have access to information that they should not have.

Compliance: ROGER365 was designed from the ground up with compliance in mind. Each customer has their own database and channel, and the platform does not store the communication data. All communications are transferred directly from WhatsApp to Microsoft Teams and vice versa.

Data protection: The only data stored (temporarily) is the customer’s WhatsApp number. This data is used by ROGER365 to reply to WhatsApp messages and will be anonymised 24 hours after the communication window closes.

Partner with Cloudbox for omni-channel integration

At Cloudbox, we have the technical expertise to fully implement and manage the solutions to allow you to maximise their full potential. This includes using the Microsoft Power and Azure platforms to integrate your applications like CRM, financial apps like Xero and service management solutions to automate your business processes and create streamlined workflows.

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