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The Growing Pains of a Business are good Pains!

Your business has grown! First off – well done!

In the struggling economic climate we live in, it is a commendable feat to have grown your business.

However, a business that is more than it was yesterday, requires more and bigger infrastructures. And, so begin the growing pains of business – which is a good thing!

You more than likely would have signed up for free platforms and applications, which made sense at the time for making your business world easier. They allowed you to connect, plan, allocate and manage all the areas of your business without having to spend too much.

But, eventually, what will happen is that you will grow too big for free applications and their functionality will start to struggle for what you need. Further, dealing with free applications opens your business up to security and support issues. Do you really know who has access to your data, your client’s data and also can you contact them when something goes wrong?

Most times, the answer is NO!

Typical issues that arise when one’s business grows:

  • Do you know whether your data is backed up and can you retrieve your data in case of data loss?
  • Are you sure who has access to your business data?
  • Are you concerned that your data is spread across various CLOUD STORAGE SYSTEMs, like DropBox, Google Docs, Slack, Asana or external platforms?
  • Do you know if your emails are backed up
  • Do all your laptops and PCs have the latest security updates?
  • Who monitors your network to ensure it’s security and smooth operation?
  • Do you know exactly what your IT spend is every month? or does it fluctuate unexpectedly randomly?
  • If you’re answering “I don’t know” to most of these questions, then it’s time for you to consider expansion – Cloudbox can be that helping hand you need.

GET IN TOUCH TODAY with CLOUDBOX and let’s see how we can help you grow healthily.

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