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The plus side to Virtual Desktop Solutions

There are many reasons why employing cloud-based virtual desktop technology is the solution to many problems and here we will go a little further into detail about each one;

Access Any Applications
Enables access to all applications, including traditional “thick client” applications such as Bloomberg AIM, custom Excel add-in’s, legacy accounts and CRM software which can’t be accessed using web-browsers.

Highly Scalable
No constraints on the number of users as with traditional Virtual Desktops. The system auto-scales in real-time to provide guaranteed user performance no matter how many users.

Use any device
Allows remote workers to use any non-corporate tool, including Windows, Mac, iOS & Android, with enhanced security & compliance. No need to provide all staff with company laptops.

Synchronisation with desktop
Full instantaneous desktop synchronisation giving the same look and feel as when working in the office. No complex VPNs or sign-in procedures and no manual sync required.

Easy set-up and integration
The Cloudbox Windows Virtual Desktop service is quick to set up and can be integrated with existing on-site or private cloud-based infrastructure.

Low Costs
No capital costs and low monthly expenses, priced on a per user basis. The contract is rolling for one month for maximum business flexibility.

Maximum Security
The system uses Azure Active Directory to control access, with all regular business controls applied to ensure your data remains secure no matter how or where accessed. Stay compliant and in control.

Everyone is looking for better performance to ensure they are one step ahead of the rest. Let CLOUDBOX give you the jump-start in going virtual.

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