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Top 6 Benefits Of Implementing The Office 365 Productivity Suite

Microsoft Office provides users with programs you’ve most definitely heard and used before. From Word to Powerpoint, professionals are usually familiar with how these work. However, growing businesses are in need of services that include more than just a few programs. This is where Office 365 comes in, with a range of included solutions for your company. The Office 365 Productivity Suite is just that, productive, and is an all-in-one solution for business collaboration. The question is, is it the right choice for you?

Here are a few reasons why at Cloudbox, we believe Office 365 is crucial for your business:

Keep all your programs up to date with the productivity suite. Online versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook are also available, allowing you to work remotely in the cloud. Use the programs essential to your business on any device, any time, anywhere. Remaining on top of software updates is important to ensure data is secure and of the latest version. Never let your business get left behind with Office 365!

Seamless communication is essential to any business. With Microsoft Teams, communicate through integrated chat, meetings and calls all from one place. Employees have the opportunity to host audio, video and web conferences to anyone inside or outside your organisation.

Get the job done faster and collaborate on projects with ease! With ‘To-Do’, manage, complete and prioritise the most important tasks you need to tackle for the day. Furthermore, the app allows you to share lists with colleagues, friends, and family. Lists can be made for anything and are a great way for employees to keep a close eye on upcoming projects.

Marketing your business to look professional is important to build brand name recognition. With Office 365, cloud-hosted emails can be customised to your brand name ([email protected]). This custom-domain setting sets your business apart from others and enables you to properly distinguish yourself in the industry.

Ensure all your business files are kept safe in the cloud! With OneDrive you get access to large amounts of storage that can be accessed at work, home or on the go. Losing essential files is a thing of the past with great data recovery and enough space for all your business documents. Team collaboration has never been easier, with the click of a button, files can be shared instantly. This allows for easy editing and improves the productivity of your team and their projects.

Safeguard your sensitive data across a multitude of devices. Whether its a tablet, mobile phone or desktop, data is kept secure no matter where you are. Manage your business worry-free with security that keeps data in the right hands at all times.

With Cloudbox, Office 365 Essentials are included in your subscription. Why wait to better your business? Contact CLOUDBOX today for your all-in-one business IT solution!

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