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What makes for the best IT Support?

IT support is very important to any business – from the successful running of your company to excellent customer service. Outsourcing IT support has become very popular, especially for companies that just don’t have the means to integrate a full in-house team.

One of the main benefits of outsourcing your IT support is that you’ll end up with experienced and qualified experts for a fraction of the cost, who will be there as soon as you experience any sort of problem.

Here are a few points as to what you should look for in a good outsourced IT support team:
• will work closely with your business to get an understanding of your IT infrastructure and what your specific needs are;

• allocates a business manager to your business, to ensure continuity of service and an in-depth understanding of your organisation;

• offers fast response times so that any problems or queries are dealt with quickly and you can focus on your business;

• communicates clearly in simple, common-use terms.

Take a look at the IT support Cloudbox offers:
Automated Proactive Support
Scheduled maintenance and regular reporting are done to keep everything working smoothly and, if needed, we will be there to help.

Monitoring and Alerting
Performance management of your computers, servers, and network devices are done, with our active monitoring – plus patch and antivirus alerting. This way, we will alert you before issues arise, and will let you know before you run out of space or run low on memory.

Project Management
We have many years of experience in technical migrations, infrastructure projects, and office moves. We can give you guaranteed response times, due to our measured service desk metrics. And, we are also able to help with hardware procurement, at the best prices.

Prevention Maintenance
We do weekly cleaning and maintenance on your end-user devices, to extend the life of the equipment. Since we control your environment, we are able to ensure all devices are updated all the time. We also do remote automated software installation and upgrades, and security status reporting.

CLOUDBOX is in your corner! We offer an excellent IT support program that offers support tailor-made to your organisation’s needs, to keep your IT running at its best.

To find out how you can get in on the magic of CLOUD STORAGE, make contact today!

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