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What to look for when choosing an it support company

So, you’re looking for a new IT provider to add value to your business – What’s the first thing you look for? Do you select one based on price, expertise, package offerings, or even location? Some would argue that you need one close to you and that if you’re based in Durban, you should shy away from IT SUPPORT COMPANIES IN JOHANNESBURG, for example.

The truth is, there are a host of things that you should be taking into consideration before you choose a new IT company to handle your business’ IT efforts. Here’s what you need to be thinking about:

Sure, we all love a great deal but more often than not, more competitive pricings seldom stand for exceptional service. Always read the fine print and ask the necessary questions to ensure that you know exactly what you are paying for.

If you’re going to be paying a provider for their services, you should get just that -service. Many providers will be eager to please to get you to sign up with them, so don’t be fooled. Check them out online to see exactly what people are saying and just how many issues have been flagged with a particular provider.

Dealing with providers who aren’t situated near you should no longer be a problem. A great service provider will transcend geographical separation and uphold their promises. So, should you be located in Durban, for example, technology and communication has made IT SUPPORT COMPANIES IN JOHANNESBURG or across other areas of South Africa, a viable option. Don’t be coerced into selecting a provider based on how close they are to your offices. Rather choose a company based on their offerings and credentials, not their location.

One of the greatest challenges of choosing a provider is finding a package or plan that suits the needs and budgetary constraints of your company. To ensure that you select the right provider, be sure to browse around to compare pricings, packages, and extra benefits of each company. Reputable companies should have comprehensive websites that explain their services, as well as contact details for you to get hold of them. After a little research, you should be able to identify the best provider for your business.


  1. Have they been dealing with Cloud technology for over 10 years
  2. Does your IT company speak in a language you can understand?
  3. Do you understand what you are being invoiced for?
  4. Do they offer an all-encompassing IT solution?
  5. How quickly will they respond to your query? Less than 30 minutes?
  6. Are the costs predictable? When things go wrong who should pick up the tab?

At Cloudbox, we take pride in our reputation for providing efficient and affordable online storage solutions. This is why so many business owners have come to depend on us, and our team of dedicated IT humans. For more on our customisable packages and what they can do for your business, give us a call on

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