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Why Cybersecurity Professionals Are Fast Becoming An Essential For Any Business With Data In The Cloud

We’re passionate about cybersecurity, and you should be too! It’s no lie, handing over your data to the cloud is a great way to get rid of past problems in losing important information. Not only that, shifting all your data into one neat package on the cloud promises to alleviate issues in IT and leaves the hard stuff to savvy software and machines. However, for your business to truly stay on top of its security, professionals with cybersecurity skills are needed to properly manage your data in the cloud.

There’s a fallacy that moving to the cloud means all your data is safe, forever. Unfortunately, this is not the case and without the proper professional maintenance, your organisation is in danger of a breach. Above all, leaving your data solely in the hands of a machine is not necessarily a foolproof way to keep sensitive data in check.

Here are a few reasons why at Cloudbox, we believe our SKILLED CYBERSECURITY TEAM is essential to maintaining your data in the cloud:

Nearly 50% of businesses experience a cyber attack every year. Cybercrime costs companies staggering amounts and sometimes causes permanent damage in the long-term. Avoid the risk by employing a company that promises to consistently monitor data and avoid hacks. The additional protection will be worth it when your business is on the line!

Leaving your data in the hands of solely either a human or a machine isn’t a good idea. Instead, a combination of the two is a great way to cover all bases. It is known that technology and new software can process a lot more data than humans can. Nevertheless, people are great for decision making and our investigative skills. With this cyber-human pairing, your business is more likely to avoid future threats and remain at the forefront of cybersecurity!

Implementing new technology into your workforce is a great way to create a change for the better. But, why have to worry about constant maintenance in-house? That’s where having the support of cybersecurity professionals alleviates the stress of constant maintenance. At Cloudbox, our IT humans are there to ensure your devices are properly maintained, leaving you to focus on day to day business!

Without constant monitoring, devices become slow and hinder productivity. That’s why cybersecurity professionals are there to make sure devices are kept safe, so you don’t have to! With our weekly cleaning and maintenance, user devices are kept up to date and free from any threats. Not only that, you’re alerted to any software updates, security risks and even how much ink is left in your printer. Above all, our monitoring team ensures your business runs smoothly without the need to call in extra resources to help.

Not sure where to start with cybersecurity? We can help you! At CLOUDBOX, we offer an all-in-one IT solution tailored to your business’s cyber needs. START YOUR JOURNEY TO BETTER CLOUD COMPUTING WITH US TODAY!

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