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Why the PBX telephone system is the way to go

It is true. The landline telephone is going the way of the dinosaur: extinction. The question businesses need to ask now is, how will they move away from the traditional analogue and ISDN systems, and is the PBX telephone system the way to go?

Of course, everyone has a landline in their pocket, but organisations – especially big ones – need more than a smartphone can offer. They need to easily transfer calls, provide separate numbers for departments, and much more.

How does the PBX telephone system fit in?
The Private Branch Exchange system (PBX) is a private telephone network used within a company to communicate internally and externally using VOIP, ISDN, or analogue. A hosted VOIP phone system is everything you need – and you don’t even need a business phone on your desk. This is what the PBX telephone system can do:

• Incoming calls can ring, and calls can be transferred anywhere you like between multiple offices or remote workers;

• Greater flexibility to grow with no limits on the number of phones, numbers, or lines;

• Powerful functionality such as call recording, digital receptionist, conferencing, and call reporting without investing in expensive hardware;

• Free calls between offices and far lower costs than usual for all other calls;

• No need for a physical handset – unless you want one! The system can use an iPhone and Android app together with a web browser so you can take your business phone with you on your mobile, laptop, or PC. But don’t worry if you like having a business phone on your desk – there are many physical phones which are cost-effective and super easy to use.

Best of all, a Hosted PBX telephone system is far less expensive than a traditional telephone system, with very low capital costs and up to 40% monthly savings on call costs

So, although the landline is on its way out, you won’t be left on hold. CLOUDBOX hosts a VOIP PHONE SYSTEM and is taking the business telephone system to new heights. If you’d like to find out more, GET IN TOUCH with us today.

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